BFA NYU Tisch / Atlantic Acting School

Hannah is a New York based actor, playwright, and singer/songwriter with New England roots. A realist who lives by faith.


I'm that smart girl who's got your number. As a child I devoured classic films—Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin’s antics, Myrna Loy’s quick comebacks, and Greer Garson’s fearless poise. Quick-wit comedy, smart writing, and a healthy obsession with Williams’ plays became my inspiration for stepping into the theater world. I've played scrappy children, offbeat teens, and 1940s-60s period women with more to say than is socially acceptable. Playing in the dirt, a pencil skirt, or in a high-power fast paced environment - any character I play has smarts, edge, wit, standards, and tenacity.


Scripts that are at once sparse and then dense – I write what’s in between the lines without writing it. Plays include: NIGHTJAR (O'Neill Semifinalist, 2018), NATIVE (O'Neill Semifinalist, 2016), and SEE HORSES. As a theater artist, I revel in the days of small things – I am convinced eternal meaning dwells in the apparent mundane. My storytelling crosses the natural and the theatrical; using dark humor, poetic imagery, geography, and character specificity, I write stories with meaning in unexpected places and everyday folks with odd affinities. The drama of specific people in a specific place, and how they persevere or not, is the eternal consequence in the everyday – my “ology” of playwriting. When stitched together with precision, I believe the seemingly inconsequential things in our stories become most evident of who we are. Born in New England to a family with southern roots, my writer heart is after those of Carson McCullers, Flannery O’Connor, and Anne Lamott. I’m striving to write complex roles for women of all ages on the American stage, and roles that are truly for the actor first. Plays that are thoughtfully constructed, highly theatrical, and ultimately soulful. 


Infused with personal experiences, relentless honesty, and a little fiddle thrown in for good measure, I re-imagine wordplay, rhyme, common phrases and sayings into my own folklore. I abide by the Joni Mitchell rule – use the words needed to say what you want to, be it three be it thirty. (She never said this, but that’s my two cents) Beginning the classical violin as a kid set me on a path to picking up fiddle, guitar, and mandolin ­– even on stage as an actor. My music is self-produced and can be found here on this website and on Youtube.

Hannah Hartmann brings 1950s optimism and a frank Minnesotan openness to the laboratory
— New York Theater Review (God is a Verb)
Hannah Hartmann... offers moments of high comedy, and does so effortlessly.
— Joanne Rochman, Republican-American (Brighton Beach Memoirs)
a plucky farm girl...
— Theater is Easy (God is a Verb)
...an original sound that the world needs to hear.
— Youtube Viewer
never heard anything like this before
— Youtube Viewer