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festivals! we can never leave the tent

portland comedy film fest, official selection


Thank you to Portland Comedy Film Festival for making WE CAN NEVER LEAVE THE TENT and official selection for Fall 2018! Excited that folks will get to see our short Saturday night, November 10th!

Thank you to Mikel Fair, the Festival Director, and the team who put together a weekend of hilarious films.

london-worldwide comedy, SPECIAL MENTION


Thank you Rod Fraser, Festival Director, and your judges for awarding us with special mention laurels from across the pond!


The David Calicchio emerging american playwright prize
marin theatre company, 2017

APRIL 2018


Marin Theatre Company named NATIVE a FINALIST for the Calicchio Prize! To be chosen as one of five finalists from over 500 plays nationwide is an accomplishment I will not forget. My sincere thanks to the Literary team and Artistic Staff at Marin for understanding NATIVE's intention. "Quietly honest, with some wonderful unexpected moments that spurred all kinds of reflection on what is real versus what is 'authentic.'"

With the rise of Native American stories and Native representation on the new plays stage, I am hopeful that this play joins in - creating space for the important conversations we blow up in haste, avoid, or altogether overlook.

we can never leave the tent - Short Film


Written & Directed by Hannah Hartmann
Featuring - Mallory Moser & Sarah Sawyer
DP/edit - Sarah Newton
Sound - Erika Grob 

Filming wrapped this month on "We Can Never Leave the Tent", a dark comedy short. Loved working with this all female team, making a film about women, and seriously taking ourselves so seriously. 

"Stacey Hanks and Tanya Pitt have made a horror film, WE CAN NEVER LEAVE THE TENT. But this horror film is about a woman's life - from womb to tomb we will never escape the cycle. Because we can never leave the tent, truly. Join Stacey and Tanya as they watch and comment on their film."

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Eugene o'neill theater center / national playwrights conference 2018


Honored that my play NIGHTJAR was chosen as a SEMIFINALIST for this summer's National Playwrights Conference. Looking forward to hearing the final update in April. 

nightjar - a staged reading / ensemble studio theatre


Written by Hannah Hartmann
Directed by Julie Lucas
Hosted by Bob Jaffe

Feat: Maggie Bofill, Savannah DesOrmeaux, Delphi Harrington, Jim Murtaugh, Jack Sochet, and George Olesky

It may have been a month ago, but I'm still beamin. I was blown away by this cast, Julie's direction and Bob's hosting of NIGHTJAR October 3rd at EST. A writer could not have asked for a better reading of her work. This play means more to me than anything I've written before - I am quieted by the passion it's been met with in rehearsals, by the intent listening audience, by the seats filled with family, friends and fellow artists, and by all the thoughtful words I'm receiving afterwards. I'm confident there is more for NIGHTJAR yet. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this one. It will be a night I remember! 


nightjar - a staged reading / ensemble studio theatre


Officially announcing a staged reading of NIGHTJAR at Ensemble Studio Theatre in October! Graciously hosted and produced by Bob Jaffe and pointedly directed by Julie Lucas. I cannot wait to meet the cast and get to work.

Eastern Kentucky, coal country. The miner in his coal vein can't stand up straight; a young man in his black vein is dancing in light. In 1950 a mining family is kicking off coal dust; business is good, and Della is the first of her family to leave for college. In 2017 the coal dust's scrubbed clean, but Della's still here, housing a family she didn't expect. NIGHTJAR is a test of grace under pressure, from the interior and the exterior. 

Admission will be free of charge.

Ensemble Studio Theater
545 West 52nd Street, 2nd Floor (between 10th & 11th)
New York, NY 10019



nightjar excerpt reading / primary stages

JUNE 2017

After a three month workshop with the unstoppable Crystal Skillman, I was thrilled to have an excerpt of my latest play staged for an invited audience in June. 

Plans for a full staged reading are underway. 

Photos featuring: Jared Canfield, Mallory Moser, and Bob Jaffe


atlantic alumni showcase / atlantic theater company


Selected to perform for a panel of agents, managers, and casting directors at the old homestead, Atlantic Theater Co.

a taste of honey / pearl theatre company / dir. austin pendleton


Working OFF-BROADWAY this fall understudying the principal role of JO in Shelagh Delaney's A TASTE OF HONEY. The play is set in a dingy flat in Greater Manchester in the 1950s. PEARL THEATRE COMPANY is a family of vibrant artists reintroducing us to classic scripts and reinventing them for modern audiences - I'm relishing being a part of it this year. Thanks Pearl!

"In 1959 at age 18, playwright Shelagh Delaney rocked the theatre world with a play that both defined and defied her generation.  A Taste of Honey is the clever, passionate, and poignant story of a young woman facing an uncertain future in a hostile world—and learning to trust that love, in its every heartbreaking and messy form, will see her through." - Pearl Theatre Company

Learn more about the show / tickets


Eugene o'neill theater center / national playwrights conference 2016

APRIL 2016

Absolutely ecstatic my play NATIVE was chosen as a SEMIFINALIST for this summer's National Playwrights Conference. An honor to be considered so among thousands of applicants. Thank you O'Neill!

Check out the conference and this year's lineup :

Learn about the conference

The 2016 lineup

Ensemble studio theater / last call

FEB 20

I was asked to play a short set of my original songs with the wonderful people at EST Last Call. Check it out - they do it the third Saturday of every month at 10pm!


Ensemble Studio Theater LAST CALL
545 West 52nd Street, 2nd Floor (between 10th & 11th)
New York, NY 10019

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fresh ground pepper / the gulls

DEC 17

Delighted to read for Sasha (Chekov's Masha) in this modern adaptation of "The Seagull" by Jamie Effros.

"A modern adaptation of Chekov’s “the Seagull” spun around the family of Archie Nichols an aging rock start turned reality tv diva on the set of her show – her brother's long beach island ocean front estate."

FGP 7th Annual Playground Festival
The Gulls by Jamie Effros
Directed by Teddy Bergman

Cloud City
Brooklyn, NY

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hook & eye theater / god is a verb


hook & eye theater / god is a verb

NOV 04 - NOV 21, 2015

I get to play a Minnesotan with a degree in marine biology in the 1960s. How cool and weird is that?

"An engaging and urgent portrait of a world – and a man – on the brink. In 1969, an eccentric professor gathers a team of offbeat academics to play a game with one goal: make the world work for all humanity. What unfolds tears space-time as we are whisked from a beatnik cafe to a treetop congressional hearing and back by way of a university telephone. As the clock ticks, the lines blur between the game and the real world and we wonder if we’ve detached from reality altogether."

Devised and Produced by Hook & Eye Theater
Written by Gavin Broady
Directed by Chad Lindsey

The Actors Fund Art Center
160 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn NY 11201
Tickets: 25$

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boomerang theater company / cymbeline


Playing with the folks at Boomerang Theater Company in the Park this summer in their production of Cymbeline. A little Lancashire accent, a little fiddle, a little mandolin, and a lot of sun!

Directed by Cailin Heffernan
Music by Henry Aronson

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new light theater project / rex - a new musical


Excited to play fiddle and mandolin and Antigone's daughter in this new adaptation of the Oedipus story.

"Set in a brutal land now in ruins, ghosts of the dead walk among the living, reflecting and regretting the endless cycle of destruction they have witnessed. With little hope and no time left, a young woman attempts to confront her past in order to salvage what life is left. REX weaves new music and ancient storytelling into a tale about regret and change. REX is a continuation of NLTP’s adaptation of The Oedipus Project, our inaugural production in the summer of 2013. A condensed version of Antigone won the 2013 Theatre Now Soundbites Festival for Best Original Music."

Written by Mike Aguirre
Directed by Sarah Norris
Original music by Kyle C. Norris


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A Regional show! Come see me (with long hair playing a 13 year old Laurie) in Seven Angels' production of BRIGHTON BEACH. I may look like the Bad Seed child, but I swear I didn't put anything in the liver dinner...

"Part one of Neil Simon’s autobiographical trilogy: a portrait of the writer as a young teen in 1937 living with his family in a crowded, lower middle-class Brooklyn walk-up..."

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hook & Eye Theater / silo farm residency


Working with the fine people of H&E this summer out on the beautiful SILO Farm in PA; developing a new piece of brainy but felt theater. 

"WANDER/LUST: IMPULSE IN THE AGE OF RLS - Devised by Hook & Eye with source material from 9 playwrights Wander/Lust celebrates the spirit of exploration from it’s genesis deep within the brain’s electrical “net”, to it’s full realization at life’s many crossroads. It strives to tell the stories that move us… literally, and illuminate the moments that create and shape our restless lives."

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